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I am a yoga teacher who believes yoga should be for all bodies and abilities. My work is trauma-informed, slow in style, empowering and always accessible.” 


"The best gift you are ever going to give someone — the permission to feel safe in their own skin. To feel worthy. To feel like they are enough." 

Hannah Brencher


Yoga is the coming home of me into my body. 

It's a practice rooted in presence and has undeniably saved my life more times than I can count. 

In my bones, I know that yoga has made my life more hopeful, calm, peaceful and joyful. 

My journey has brought me to this place, where I am able to use mental health, addictions, eating disorders and trauma training together with yoga + movement. The combination is the work I'm meant to do. 

Yoga is about accessibility and inclusivity. 

We are all worthy of connection, safe spaces, and movement. 

We all deserve to heal. 


The emphasis is on bringing back power to the person. Together we share space where you can make decisions about how you want to move your body, moment by moment. 


There are many different ways to approach asana (the physical poses). Together, we will build a practice that allows you to get the benefits of each posture while working with your body's abilities. 


We celebrate our bodies when we practice. Classes infuse yoga for bigger bodies and diverse community training. 

Our goal is to love our bodies, exactly as they are. 


LGBT2Q+ and BIPOC communities need safe spaces, virtually and IRL. I am a proud Yoga for All certified teacher with LGBT2Q+ training.

Join an online community where you can JUST BE.

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